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  • How to wear medical protective masks correctly

    So how to wear medical protective masks correctly, the editor of Derun protective equipment will introduce to you:How to wear a mask(1) Gently pinch the nose clip, stick the mask on the face, make sure the mask covers the nose and mouth.(2) The upper …

  • Why do medical protective masks follow the standard?

    Because people desire health, they often wear masks to go out. However, in hospitals, health centers and other places, ordinary masks can no longer meet the requirements of blocking bacteria, so it is very necessary to wear medical masks. Just put on …

  • The difference between protective masks and medical masks

    Protective masks can effectively filter airborne particles, droplets, blood, body fluids and other pollutants, and the filtration rate of non-oily particles generally reaches more than 95%. Medical masks can also prevent external blood and water dropl…

  • Are disposable medical masks effective in filtering haze?

    Air pollution is particularly serious now. Especially in the cold winter, haze weather often occurs in many places. Smog poses a threat to human health. Therefore, many users wear masks when traveling. However, many users will ask whether disposable m…

  • Wearing a mask incorrectly means wearing it for nothing!

    KN95 mask manufacturer reminds: if the mask is not worn correctly, it is equivalent to wearing it for nothing1 Always wash your hands when removing and putting onWash your hands when putting on or taking off the mask. To prevent the bacteria and virus…

  • Those things about the inner and outer bridge of the nose of the KN95 protective mask

    Those things about the inner and outer bridge of the nose of the KN95 protective mask1 outer nose stripAs the name implies, the external nose bridge means that the metal strip that fixes the bridge of the nose is on the outside of the KN95 mask. When …

  • How to reuse disposable medical masks?

    Disposable medical masks can be disinfected with medical alcohol, can they be used after use? Ordinary residents use disposable masks in places with relatively low risks to ensure that the masks are clean and structurally complete, especially the inn…