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  • What is the protective mask that you don’t know?

    Protective mask is a kind of respiratory protective equipment for the purpose of preventing the spread of certain respiratory infectious microorganisms and protecting health.Classification of protective masks1. Daily protective maskThe mask body of th…

  • How to choose and use medical protective gloves

    Everyone should be familiar with medical protective gloves, mainly to protect the safety of hands. There are many types of protective gloves. Today, the editor of Derun protective equipment will briefly introduce to users how to choose and use laborat…

  • Are KN95 masks disposable? What is the role?

    KN95 masks are generally disposable, but for ordinary people, if the mask is not enough, you need a mask, as long as there is no obvious stain or damage, no tearing, if the surface is not polluted, if the user does not touch the infected person or For…

  • KN95 mask manufacturer brings mask protection level description

    At present, masks on the market are divided into three categories: industrial, medical, and civilian, namely medical surgical masks, n95 masks, medical n95 masks, and ordinary masks. The KN95 mask manufacturer brought a description of the protection l…

  • KN95 mask manufacturer teaches you how to identify the quality of masks

    It is understood that the raw material of meltblown non-woven fabrics is mainly polypropylene. However, the combustion effect is almost the same as that of meltblown nonwoven fabrics. There are also non-woven fabrics made of synthetic fibers, such as …

  • What is the difference between children's disposable medical mask standards and adults?

    Safe resumption of classes, children’s disposable medical masks must be kept up! Where can I find a mask suitable for children? What is the standard?On May 6, approved by the State Administration of Market Supervision (National Standardization Admi…

  • Why is it not recommended to wear KN95 masks for children?

    Since there is no KN95 (or N95) mask standard suitable for children in the world, the implementation standard of KN95 mask is GB 2626-2006, which is usually the standard for adult industrial protective masks. Inhalation resistance and expiration resis…