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Why do medical protective masks follow the standard?

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Because people desire health, they often wear masks to go out. However, in hospitals, health centers and other places, ordinary masks can no longer meet the requirements of blocking bacteria, so it is very necessary to wear medical masks. Just put on medical masks, why did the country issue policies specifically for medical protective masks?

In recent years, hospitals have paid enough attention to the problem of nosocomial infection caused by the spread of pathogenic bacteria in the hands of medical equipment and medical staff, and corresponding measures have been taken. However, bacterial contamination of nurses wearing masks can also cause hospital infections, which is not taken seriously. After nurses are engaged in morning and evening care, some bacteria will be deposited on the surface of the mask due to the flying dust; nurses often contact patients, in addition to daily care, a lot of treatment needs to be completed every day, if morning care is used for deep vein puncture, intubation, For masks with high sterility requirements such as dressing changes, the bacteria on them will fall on the surface of the sterile material with the operator’s breathing and head movements. Once pathogenic bacteria and drug-resistant strains enter the human body, they can cause iatrogenic infections. The bacteria on the mask enters the nurse's body along with the breathing exercise, affecting the nurse's health. In order to prevent the occurrence of this phenomenon, the state specifically included medical masks in the "Standards for the Use of Medical Machinery", requiring manufacturers to operate as required when making them.