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How to wear medical protective masks correctly

time:2020/7/28 9:30:04    browse:

So how to wear medical protective masks correctly, the editor of Derun protective equipment will introduce to you:

How to wear a mask

(1) Gently pinch the nose clip, stick the mask on the face, make sure the mask covers the nose and mouth.

(2) The upper elastic band is tied to the head to prevent air from entering.

(3) Tie the lower elastic band around the neck and fasten it.

(4) The mask must be fully opened to minimize the number of layers used when breathing.

How to wear an ear hook mask

(1) Put your hand through the ear strap, put the nose clip on it, and put the mask on your nose and mouth.

(2) The ear straps should be placed at the bottom of the ears and spread out from head to toe to fully unfold the folds of the mask. This helps to cover as much face as possible and reduces the number of layers required for breathing.

(3) Gently pinch the nose clip to prevent air from entering.

The above are two ways to wear medical protective masks, I hope it will help everyone!