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Can a person wear a mask when exercising?

time:2020/7/28 9:37:29    browse:

During exercise, the human body consumes more oxygen and requires a lot of oxygen. If you don't inhale oxygen in time after wearing a mask, it will cause severe hypoxia. This behavior not only causes damage to the human lungs, but also damages the human body. Causes damage to the whole body.

Whether it is necessary to wear a mask, it is necessary to make a scientific judgment based on the epidemic situation in various places, but it is certain that you do not need to wear an N95 mask, you only need to wear an ordinary surgical mask.

Wearing N95 masks has many disadvantages: N95 masks are very airtight and can cause breathing problems. A certain amount of exhaled air stays in the space formed by the mouth, nose and mouth. Repeated inhalation will cause the body's carbon dioxide levels to rise. Increase and decrease of oxygen content.

The former causes acid-base disorders in the human body and causes respiratory acidosis; the latter reduces the blood oxygen level of the human body, which may cause severe hypoxia damage to vital organs.

In addition, N95 masks significantly increase breathing resistance. Wearing such a burden during exercise is likely to cause additional damage to children's lung function. Therefore, even medical personnel must strictly observe the 4-hour working time limit. Children should not wear it for a long time, and it is not recommended to wear it during exercise.

It is not recommended that children wear masks to do strenuous exercise, which may cause hypoxia. If children need to take physical education lessons, it is recommended to do it outdoors in a well-ventilated area. When doing sports, you don’t need to wear a mask. Try to choose sports that can keep a certain distance.